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As for why i like to wear panties. He seems so much more attentive and demure, it is during some of these moments when we have had some of our deepest conversations. Undergarments are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. Typically it'd be too loose and I'd slip out or so tight it hurt. As Seen in Vogue:

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Outer Space Print Cotton Pyjamas. Cotton Jersey Nightie with Bow. It's a fee country and since I started looking into this stuff on line, it seems that many men wear panties.

I can't say whether or not I'll ever get over the feeling of awkwardness whenever I wear panties, but it's something I can live with. However and whenever I got started was the best day of my fem life. Hey Hope, I hope this picture is suitable for your hub.

I have started all over again with a new account. I wish my wife was as understanding as you are. It is nice to hear something positive about a man that likes to wear lingerie. I would have to agree with some of your viewers, if it is not infringing on, or hurting anyone else and trying to change someone, what does it hurt? Is it bad for a man to try and feel sexy? Yes I like to feel sexy and a nice pair of panties does that for me, but I am more comfort driven though.

Personally I do not want to be viewed or view others it is just something I love to do and in formats as this, to even talk about it where it is safe, and secure. Anyway I like for my lingerie to be neat, not saggy, bulging, or frilly etc.

I just like to keep it simple and I think most guys on the web get carried away to a point of now it looks ugly. Nice neat firm fitting panties or lingerie that is appropriate for your occasion and location is the key. Wife bought me some nice panties in the past and played along in bed.

For serveral years she is no longer interested in intimacy or even just talking about intimate things. It's the feeling, the sensations, the thoughts, the desires, the sound of nylons stocking rustling under my trousers. It's imagining that, like the magic panties story, that I could have something less bulky, inconspicuous and rounded between my legs.

I am semi-retired and working part time. I have recently bought and wear some skirts around the house, especially when I do housework.

Wife was shocked the first time she saw me in my pretty floral skirt. However, no questions were asked. In the recent past she ridiculed ME about several things.

For about 2 years I have been wearing custom-made panties with satin sleeves. A pity I did not know about these sooner. They are very, very erotic. You may say they are an "Ersatz"; for me they have become the "real thing," since the wife has almost 0 interest. The sleeve panties never say no, they are never too tired, never too sore, never talk back, never ridicule me, never throw me out and they are ready whenever I am. They are simply very comforting and comfortable to wear, day and nite.

Who needs a woman? And by the way Hope and all who read this, I shave my legs now, for the cleaniness. All about body care, but that's a different story. I see nothing wrong with men in ladies clothing as long as it does not hurt anyone you must fulfill your inner feeling. I'm basically a guy, but I love exploring a feminine side.

Silk panties make me feel like the girl I was meant to be. I have been wearing ladies panties for 31 years,before i got married i told my girl friend now my wife,that i adore womens lingerie and at first she thought i was gay but i assured her i was not and still not. We have been married 25 years and she gets me lingerie for my birthday and Christmas,i have more than she does,she wears thong and i do not very uncomfortable.

I have my own business and i wear them to work every day i would not feel right with out my silks on. Yep I wear lingerie too. Been cought twice in many years of wearing. Had a girl friend years ago that just loved to dress us both up in it. She had great stuff and lots of it because she modeled it for catalogs.

Only once hav I had a store cleck be less than happy to help with my selections and most never even bat an eye over my purchases. To me no big deal. But from my guy stand point why do women get all the pretty, lacey, colorful, soft underthings? Till internet shopping came in you should have tried to get something"guy sexy",boxers and a vest in silk or satin.

Final found a pair of red womens boxers a box of dye and a costume pirates vest from a holloween shop. It is better now and mostly due to the net. Still womens clothes are much sexier than guys still. Keep writing Hope your great for the ego and maybe some will see better after read your posts.

I am a married male who love panties and lingerie on me and women. I do not understand why women think it may be a gay thing. Most Gay men want nothing to do with women much less their panties. My first wife was very into it She would suprize me with new gifts all the time. We had much fun with it. She is no longer with us du to a drunk driver. I am pretty sure she wishes i didn't do it. As for why i like to wear panties.

Well for one it feels so much better. When i wear them all day its a constant reminder of just how sexy women really are. Sometimes i like to feel as if my women is in control and the dominant one. I love it when we both slip into bed wearing mathcing nighties and pantyhose the feeling of all that silkyness rubbing on eachother is a feeling that is out of this world! Although I wish more women were into this sort of thing. I really do not care if the women do not like it because there is a women out there who will and she is the women who will take your panty husband from you.

I think the main problem women have with it is this " what would my friends think if they knew my man did this? I've gotta chime in too. I've been cross dressing since my early teen and with my first and second wives. The first thought it was funny at first and could be a bit cruel about it but in the end she was supportive and went shopping with me, we just had other issues.

My second wife was and is still a little concerned that I'll "come out" or something and start living as a women. I reassure her that I'm not interested in that and we pretty much have a good time with it. I wear corsets to bed with stockings etc. I'm a big guy 6' 1" and lbs with muscles and a hairy body most of the time. The best I've ever felt in womens underwear is when I've shaved my legs and then put on stockings, oh man that feels freakin' amazing.

I've also noticed that it alters my mood, I'm far more calm and loving when wearing panties and I wear them for the feel and the feminization mostly rarely for the thrill of being caught. Having said that, when the light is getting low in the evening I sometimes walk the dogs with a camisole or bra on under my white tee shirt, it would be pretty obvious if someone walked up to me. Any way thanks for discussing this! Several women at work ,know my desire for female lingerie and we talk quite a bit about my desire.

I also love to wear nylons and garter belts. The first time we went on a cruise I packed my suit case with mens underwear but the first time I opened my suit case on ship I realized my wife had taken all those old male underwear out and replaced them all with my pretty panties and I have not worn anything for underwear than my pretty girly panties since. I am a very married man I own 15 bras and over 70 pairs of panties. The more girly the better. I love shopping for lingerie also.

The excitement is almost unbearable when I get home to put on a new bra or panty. Michelle I wish you were my wife lol I just started wearing pretty panties which I have to take off before I get home.

They are just underware that feels good and if the woman who is very open minded about it do not mind then feel free to enjoy what you like, I been wearing them for 40 years. I like to wear womens lingerie too, I like the feel of the soft silky fabric and the sexy look of it.

I am a straight male and I would never tell my girlfriend. She just wouldn't understand. For me a nice slinky chemise is amazing and when I'm wearing it I just can't resist looking in the mirror.

I also own a corset too and the feeling of that being tightened against my body is amazing. There's no harm in it I think and it's nice to know that there's other guys out there in healthy relationships doing the same thing. My panty fetish goes back as far as I can remember. I loved the feel of them and the thrill of wearing them.

The first time I left the house wearing panties the rush was unbelieveable. Over the years I would wear them whenever to opportunity arose. My first wife wouldn't accept it and threatened to expose me on several occasions. My present wife tolerates it and has purchased panties for me in the pasr, but doesn't like me to be in her face with it.

Don't care who knows. Doctors visits, massage, noboby ever says a word. So don't hide what you have wanted to reveal, if she loves you she will atleast respect your right to express your self. That in itself proves lots of the comments that indicate that lots of men wear panties and other lingerie. I wear primarily for the tactile part. Right now I'm dressed from head to foot in lingerie.

I'm 61 years old and have been wearing panties since I was quite young -- probably 8 years old. I don't own any male underwear. My reaction from ladies has been mixed. There is no middle ground. They either like it or hate it, Those that like it don't just like it, they get quite aroused by it.

Those that hate it are quite repuksed and most have connected to the very wrong stereotype that men who dress in soft sexy lingerie are gay,. I've actually seen statistics that show that the vast majority of those of us who wear panties are in fact heterosexual. I've also seen surveys that remind the readers that gay men are generally attracted to the traditional image of males, and are in fact less likely to be interested in anything feminine.

When working in the office, ussually I'm wearing a bodysuit. Of course with my lace black pantyhose too. Been wearing panties off and on for 40 years. I've had great experiences with women actually liking me to wear them. My last marriage ended over them though. I've been married 5 years to my current wife.

I like to do a lot of cooking and while making lasagna the sauce popped and splattered my shirt. My wife suggested she make me an apron. I jokingly said "yeah make it frilly and with matching panties". The old thoughts I had been fighting came back, that night I snuck into her panty drawer and put them on under my sleep pants for a quick feel of the slick sexy material. Un known to me she saw them peeking out from under the top edge of my sleep pants when she came to bed.

The next day I found 7 pair in my underwear drawer and all the mens missing. I also have a frilly apron that I now have to cook in with panties only. It's been interesting to say the least, as I sip my morning coffee with a locked on collar in my panties and silky nighty, now a requirement. Seems she had a dominant streak in her and we both love it.

I'd suggest anyone wanting to should at least give it a go. One insisted I wear her panties the day after she wore them, it turned her on to know i was wearing her dirty panties. Years ago I switched to female lingerie and shapewear. Wearing panties, bra, girdle and stockings makes me feel good. I wear under my business suit at work. She has accepted my faible. I could no longer imagine to go without nice lingerie and stockings. I have been wearing nylon panties, pantyhose and camisoles for about 25 years.

Within the last five years, I have been wearing these items under my work clothes. Nylon underwear is some much more comfortable! The taboo aspect of wearing lingerie at work is very exciting. When I sit at my desk, the cuffs of my pants raise above my ankles exposing my nylons. At the same time, I cannot wait for the day when I can sit at my desk with my exposed nylon-clad ankles and nobody thinks twice about it. I hope this day comes soon. So much nicer then men's underwear with all the seams up-front.

Wear nylon, satin and tactel nylon panties, wife knows and doesn't mind. Wear women's satin pj's at night during the winter and satin boxers the rest of the year. I love to wear lingerie and it looks and feels better without hair. I would encourage men to remove body hair when wearing lingerie. I agree with janie that womens sleepwear is so much more comfy than mens, i have thrown out all my mens stuff and wouldn't think of wearing anything other than a nightdress , sleeper or womens pj's, i live in Canada and there is nothing better on a really cold winter night than a ladies one piece fleecy sleeper, great to watch tv and lounge around in also.

She says she wants to spice up our love life. So i put on a babydoll nighty and wear it to bed. She sees it and says that's different nothing else is said. It has been a month and even though i don't think she really likes to see me in the nighty she doesn't say i cant wear it.

I love the feel of the nighty it feels so good and she has given me backrubs with it on and no big deal. Wide says she doesn't mind but i think shes not really saying what's on her mind though.

Hope what should i do i have tried to talk to her and yet she doesn't say alot she knows i love to wear it for her and it is sexy on me she said that in a nice way is she tryng to get used to this? We have been married 16 years. I also wear nylon panties and she does not mind those at all she has told me i look good in panties hope i love to wear the nighty for her and it feels good on me a part of me says keep wearing it she will get used to it. I a 54 year old male and i been wearing girdles and panties for over 40 years.

My wife of 34 years dosnt like it. I wear 36b all in one most of the time. I wear them to work and at home. I don't care if some one knows.

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