One InStyle editor tries out three pairs of black tights. Read her review for an inside scoop on fit, quality, and everything in between. I'm a summer baby, born in July, and simply put, I dread the winter.

After wearing the 80s all day long, the waistband did stretch out a bit—though they managed to stay up without a problem.

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Promising review:
Feb 09,  · But how can one tell a pair of quality tights from ones that'll rip the second they're slipped on? The reviews, of course, which we've already scanned to find the best options out there. Read on to see and shop the internet's best-rated pairs, then check Home Country: New York, NY.
Comfort: Some customers have reported difficulties with the thick knit waistband, but we liked the extra security (#banpantsing), and apparently, so do a lot of people who wear tights for a living, AKA ballerinas.
The Best Tights Updated January 29, After spending nearly 60 hours on new research and testing for this year’s update, we are sticking with the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 as our top pick.
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Promising review:

Right out of the packaging which is beautiful, by the way , these tights feel luxe. They are thick, but not too chunky, and very smooth. It took a few extra seconds to get them to sit on my body the right way—to distribute the fabric evenly, I had to pull them up in stages, starting at my ankles up to my upper thighs, but the fit is comfortable and flattering.

Don't let the term "satin" throw you off. The Donna Karan tights do have a sheen, but they are far from shiny. The Everything Guide to Wearing Spanx. Furthermore, I'm 5' 7" and the waistband on the size small reached all the way up to my bra Because of the Spanx-like fit, the tights were a bit tougher to put on than your average legwear, but the Spanx effect does create a svelte silhouette.

For a pair this tricked out, they were very soft and easy to move around in. At the rear, the tights pucker to accommodate a fuller bottom, creating a smooth, seamless look that really shows off your curves—even if you, like me, don't have any. The Best Black Tights on the Market. By Alexandra DeRosa Jan 07, 1: Pin FB ellipsis More. I worked as senior editor of Bust Magazine for three years, running the fashion and style section.

During that time, I personally tested dozens of brands of tights, in an effort to find which worked best for me personally and which we could recommend to our readers. I currently work as an editor at O Magazine. In order to determine which tights hold up best under pressure, which materials are most important to look for, and how to choose an ideal pair, I interviewed Brittany Pollack, a soloist with the New York City Ballet, and whose work uniform includes tights.

Those of us who like to wear dresses—and live in climates that feature subdegree temperatures—will need a pair of tights. The right pair of tights will be comfortable while keeping your legs reasonably warm and providing a bit of retro style.

They need to be replaced fairly regularly. They offer protection for bare legs in chilly weather, and for those looking for a little extra support, control-top options also provide compression. But a great pair of tights has more than just those two features. Tights can range as low as 5 denier, and all the way up to Anything 40 and below is classified as sheer, while 50 and above qualifies as opaque.

The most comfortable and least objectionable materials for tights, in our research, were cotton, nylon, and Lycra, also known as spandex. Cotton is breathable, washable, and easy to find. They make the tights cling to the leg and bounce back when stretched out. Nylon alone can feel scratchy and rough against bare skin, hence the inclusion of other materials.

While wool tights are popular for those looking for some extra protection against the cold, many people find wool itchy or irritating. And tights composed entirely of synthetic materials have less breathability, making them more likely to cause health problems for women. As such, we did not prioritize bamboo tights when doing our research. Cheap tights, while appealing at first within the fluorescent glow of a drugstore aisle, are usually a false economy.

When it comes to fit, tights tend to be most comfortable when they have a wide waistband that has plenty of give. Some of the tights we tested had incredibly constricting waistbands that are probably best for those with a very low body-fat percentage.

We theorized that the New York City Ballet would take the issue of tights very seriously, so we spoke with Brittany Pollack, a soloist dancer in the company.

In our original review, we researched more than pairs of tights and settled on testing 16 pairs hands-on. After speaking with experts, reading new editorial sources, combing through forums and comment sections for leads, and spending hours on Amazon, we narrowed the field down to 20 contenders for this update. For this update, we evaluated 10 new pairs of tights, and then I narrowed that list down to six favorites for testing. The six tights finalists were then tested by four women: In an effort to not have the other testers be biased by any preconceived hosiery notions, the tights provided had the tags removed and were marked with only a letter code.

The best pair of tights should offer sizes that cater to the actual size of American women, and not just a small percentage of them. Any pair of tights is liable to snag on rough surfaces, but higher-quality tights will return to their original shape more readily and not have their threads be pulled out of shape permanently.

They feel smooth and luxurious, are comfortable enough for everyday wear, and the color looks even on the leg. It was easy to forget I was wearing them, which is ideal. One tester noticed that a hole had formed in the crotch of the Gap pair by the end of a day of wear. That was also a common complaint on the Gap site, where multiple reviewers noted that the seams around the crotch split after one or two wearings.

There seems to be a construction issue with these, though for fit and feel, they were ranked as highly as the Wolfords. They were very sturdily constructed, and while the waistband felt slightly constricting at first, it got more comfortable as the day progressed. They resisted holes and snags, and the material looks evenly opaque. These were a hit with the other testers as well: As a bonus, she noticed that they lasted for a full day of wear without snagging, ripping, or pilling often a problem with inexpensive tights.

One tester noted that the waistband was lower than most tights she wears—they hit just below her belly button. Again, no small feat for a cheap drugstore tight.

I wore them on a chilly day that I spent mostly outside, and they kept me significantly warmer than regular tights. The primary caveat would be that these are thick—almost a cross between a legging and a tight and in a vain note, I thought they made my legs look heavier than they are. One tester found them a little too thick for her taste, which may be an issue when layering them under dresses. Two testers had fit problems, which could just be an issue with sizing.

But both noted that these are low-rise, without much control-top support. The Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights are my favorite all-around long-lasting tights, with a thin and soft high-rise waistband. For her, this flaw was a dealbreaker.

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Paired with skirts or worn under slacks, tights are a warm winter-wardrobe staple. But which ones won't roll, pill, snag, sag, stretch, or constrict? We tested 14 opaque-to-waist and 10 control-top pairs, from $5 to $43, to find out. These have a leg up on the rest. Quick tip: Always check size charts on tights' labeling, as sizes aren't uniform. The Best Tights Updated January 29, After spending nearly 60 hours on new research and testing for this year’s update, we are sticking with the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 as our top pick. Promising review: "These are the best matte opaque tights I've found. They have a medium weight that will keep you warm, even in degree weather. They have a medium weight that will keep you warm, even in degree weather.