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Live Music on three stages:

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Clothing Stores in Modesto on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Clothing Stores in Modesto, CA.
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So proud of her! I let her create her idyllic burger and it was awesome to watch her eyes light up as she was licking her lips in anticipation! Thick crispy Applewood smoked bacon. Two slices of cheddar cheese. Add sliced avocado and tomato! Cherry vanilla ice cream and chocolate milk in the blender! Turned around and it was gone!

For those of you that prefer to get your burgers in a Modesto restaurant you have a ton of choices! Modesto View signature question to Scarlett: At first she looked at me like what are you talking about?

Next up, I had a difficult time to get her to change up from the traditional basket of fries. Then it hit me: More cheese you think? So I finished it with some shredded parmesan! Divine crispy fries with. Gifts from the Modesto Bee for first 1, guests.

Our local comedians blew the roof off with laughter and the winner was our very own Anthony K. We want our locals to be seen on the national stage and this is how we do it.

This month we take comedy to a new level with new shows and a very special showcase event at Cheroot with a 3 day gig by Anthony K and friends. You will laugh nonstop. Are you naturally funny or do you have to work on it? What do you find unusual and what inspires you? What inspires me are the people close to me in my life, family and friends.

Also audiences nightly that come to see live comedy, I love when people after a show tell me they have never seen stand up comedy before and that they really enjoyed it. What I find unusual in this stand up comedy world is many things. This always baffles me. How can we make Modesto a comedy town? As a comedian we have a responsibility to make sure if we put on a show that we book the best comedians and put on the best show possible for the people that do support so that they will come back and have a good experience with comedy.

Tell us about your show June A: This year is going to be different. I wanted this to be an intimate show in a smaller setting with more options instead of 1 night only at Cheroot Cigar Lounge in Downtown Modesto on 10th St. I also run a free show there where I showcase other comedians 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

This is a Cigar lounge, so if smoke bothers you this may not be the place for you. I will be headlining which means doing a 1 hour performance each night. There are only 40 seats available per show.

June Movies When you are out cruising the streets of Modesto this month in your classic car, what better place to meet up with friends than a drive-in restaurant. You can get some great food while showing off your ride. This has been a local tradition dating back to the early days of cruising during Graffiti summer. In fact, drive-in restaurants in Modesto predate the Graffiti Era. The early drive-ins were not what one would call great works of architecture and were built to serve a function and not much more.

Suddenly drive-ins became these bold, futuristic buildings with curving glass facades and glowing neon signs. Among others, Scenic Drive-In serves up some great burgers, and Sonic Drive-In on McHenry has become a popular place for classic cars to gather during Graffiti summer and even feature carhops on roller skates. So as you cruise out this month, be sure to drive in and continue this great tradition!

One particularly engaging concert coming soon will be on Friday, June This delightful pairing will be sure to appeal to audiences of broad musical tastes, as the performers are widely talented and draw from many musical styles themselves. Her repertoire features classic and modern show tunes, opera numbers, pop songs and more. Modesto, so join us on June 17 for a memorable evening! Doors open at 7: To reserve seats, call or email modestounplugged yahoo. The performance is completely free and Deva Café has absolutely awesome food and drinks.

It will be a wonderful way to start your Sunday! Curious but not sure if you want to go? This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great things happening for Modesto locals in June. The trip includes a private dinner with the fabulous Ms. Irene Roberts, the star of the show, following the performance! Other upcoming events include: Athletic contests, country dancing, food and crafts, and an exciting array of Celtic performers including Cooking With Turf, The Fire featuring Scottish fiddle champion Rebecca.

Lomnicky , Avalon Rising, Peter Daldry and many others. Happening in the 10th St. Plaza starting at 11 AM. I encourage you to get outside and experience some of the amazing live music this community has to offer!

Eli is an accomplished Lubrication Consultant with Hydrotex and amazing family man, but most people know Eli as one of the best guitarists in the region, many have taken lessons from him and they see his incredible classic cars. Eli believes in this classic art of car customization and he puts the same amount of love into it that he does his work, family or music. From the blues, rockabilly, to chrome, steel and environmental lubricants, Eli is the classic Graffiti renaissance man.

Eli lives life surrounded by his wife Jaci and their kids, classic cars, station wagons and the most beautiful vintage guitars and his custom cars. How cool is that? What did you learn to love first, music or cars? I played in bluegrass bands with my dad since I was 9 years old and have always been on stage since then.

What is the first song you learned to play? Thrill is gone by BB King. Who was your inspiration for your car customizing? All of the old school custom car builders. What was one of the first things you learned from Gene Winfield? Do you think that music and cars go hand in hand?

Look at Jeff Beck and Danny Gatton they would build hot rods all day then play guitar at night. How cool is it that Rockabilly was born here in Modesto back in ? Modesto has so many cool heritages. My wife and I love Modesto, which is why we still live here. What is the coolest car you have ever customized? I have a chopped 49 Chevy coupe which I love.

Can people who are not raised on cars, get excited and get involved? Who would you most like to share the stage with? What do you say to the next generation about the importance of classic cars and music? Make yourself uncomfortable and try to be unique. Keeping the car culture alive.

Some of the best times have been helping one of my buddies finish their car before a big car show or cruise. There is nothing more enjoyable then throwing your family and some friends in a hot rod and just going for a cruise. Do your kids share the same passion you have for this? Yeah, Anyone that knows me knows my kids are all about hot rods. They are always in the shop pitching in and keeping me straight.

Describe the perfect Eli Lester day. Spending time with the family, playing with hot rods then cruising out to play a blues gig.

Finally, our signature question. The Budweiser Stage - Sunday, June 12, - Live music, laser light show, Purple Rain, purple cocktails and lots of purple sparkly stuff Admission: They are the cruisers, the racers, the musicians, the students, the DJs and the dreamers that brought Modestocana to life then and now. Modesto is the Brothers and Rose.

Located on historic Route 99, Modesto was home to the classic drive-ins, car hops and the all rocking it. So grab your poodle skirt, slick back your legendary 10th and 11th Streets that were the home of classic cruising, the stories and the legends that hair, walk the Historic Cruise Route and get in the groove for summer in Modesto USA. Kids could now do something that was previously not allowed; drive for no reason www. In Modesto, you can still get roller skate car hop service, our people are friendly and all sumwww.

Don Monaco is one of the fastest men in Modesto. Don Monaco has been racing fast all of his life. During the early 60s, Don Monaco along with the late Chuck Billington and late Jack McCoy would set up a racing partnership that would ultimately win a land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Don is also an acrobatic pilot and has been seen doing spirals and loops in the Modesto sky. Don has been married to his wife Gloria for 28 years and they have been known to get in his plane and pick a direction and just fly and stay wherever they land, where they now have friends all over the USA. When I approached George Lucas a few years ago about getting involved in the Modesto Historic Cruise Route, I explained that our mission was to tell the stories behind the story that he told.

Judy Felix Walk, w had one of the best cruising places in Modesto. Kenny and Judy Wa continue to share their Graffiti memories. Every classic car needed a flashy paint job. Over the years, Glen has pinstriped at least 20, cars and back in the day. Yes, this line was immortalized by Joe played by Bo Hopkins in the film American Graffiti as he convinced Glen was part of the original cruise back in the late 50s and Curt Richard Dreyfus to become a member of the Pharoahs.

They first tried to start a club they called the FAROS Fraternity at Modesto become part of classic car hot rod history and would later become a key accessory on cars High School.

That initial effort was squashed by the Dean of Boys, Paul Whitmore. Therefore that first group only lasted about 2 months but they came up His artwork and car art were very popular throughout the evolution of the cruise of. He also lege, in hopes that the strict rules in high school would not be existing. Dennis Billington said he could get created the art for many of the Graffiti Night events and activities. So the club came into being with no official ties to any school.

The positive side of this allowed the members to be composed of Modesto and Downey high school graduates, this time uniting without rivalry. And the rest is history. Practical joker does not even begin to properly describe Dwight Trammel.

Fast cars, girls and fun always found Dwight. Loand then they sped off down 9th street all of the way to Ceres. Dwight was raised in Modesto and has been into cars and construcs in the middle of it. The tion all of his life. He was a regular at many of the watering holes around town and at Alice and McHenry. His wife Shirley, who has since passed away, McHenry from 10th and 11th always had her hands full with Dwight. The master of quick wit, fast dice and a fast ol.

His alk are still married today and Chrysler s are beautiful and his shiny red one still makes the circuit in a tradilk would work the drive ins tion that started with his black one from his picture shown here. Frank grew up in Patterson, working at Patterson Frozen Foods. He loved motorcycles and horses and could even stand on horseback while the horse ran at full gallop.

It featured car-hop service with seating inside as well. Even during the 40s, Frank had his first hot rod at 13 and his drivers license at age It was a big attraction located in the Caruso Center for many years. Frank was a member and president of the Modesto motorcycle club and lead many events and road trips. Org Live Sound Camp for Girls is a one-week camp for girls ages 12 — 18 who want to learn about live music production.

The camp curriculum was designed by industry veterans and teaches the skills and technology to run live sound. Working in small, collaborative and hands-on groups, the girls learn: Live event safety, Stage and audio terminology, Signal flow, Setup and wiring of PA systems and stages, Input lists and stage plots, Microphone techniques, Line check, soundcheck, and mixing.

Fumes from Graffiti are in the air and things are heating up in the Valley. You know what that means; it is time for everyone to let us know who you think should be considered for a Modesto Area Music Award. This is the Area Music Awards so that means bands, promoters, venues, comedians, etc. You can see a full list of categories at www. Plans are for voting to go Live on August 21st the day after X-Fest, and that means that we do not have much time to narrow-down the list to Over the last few years the MAMA board has increased the number of things they look at in considering who to choose.

The MAMAs will be held at the State Theatre on October 11th and as always will feature the most diverse performances at any event held in the from Youth Bands to Metal, Latin to Jazz including the proverbial kitchen sink. Everyone is encouraged to dress up and remember this is a way for us all to come together for one night as a music and arts community.

It is a night to support each other and have fun: Get out and catch some live music, attend some of the great events happening around the Go out to a restaurant, cafe or bar that you have never been to that host live music. Remember only with your help does the arts and music community thrive. You are the Academy, your vote determine the winners. Call and consult with our Chef and your Event Coordinator to discuss your events Catering needs. Arrange a meeting at our location where you can sit down and relax among the decor of our elegant facility.

For over 12 years , we have offered no rental fee for nonprofits and service groups with the purchase of catering. As another hot summer approaches the valley.

John Clifton from Fresno a blues harmonica player, guitarist and vocalist. John and his band will be the backup band for one of his favorite harp and piano players Rod and Honey Piazza. John also has another treat in store playing alongside Rusty Zinn, his favorite guitar player. I have a feeling this is going to be amazing to watch. Since, the plaza, Grease Hound stage presences has exploded with a three piece explosion of talent.

King at the Gallo Center. There will be so much great talent in the plaza on June 18th. Not only do you get the listening pleasures of all those fabulously talented musicians.

These ladies, have a purpose sending out a strong community support with chapters from California to Florida. So, friends hop in your classic car and cruise on. The best national brands with the best local service. Your local one-stop remodeling and new build center.

We offer installed flooring, counters, cabinets, sinks and design services. Our inventory will fit your budget, from economical to very high end, all in a store that homeowners and contractors have trusted for years. Because of your support, worldexpectation with less cancer and do summer I remember as a childwe the are creating time we not drive to Idaho or anywhere 3 days away, do more birthdays!

This is a wonderful event in Modesto and the track is lined with look my father had as we packed all our bereally incredible booths where teams show their support, sell crafts and food to ung out, not bring young children, and use something longing the back of a is Ford 5: There an Rambler amazingatluminary walk at dusk that is mazingly powerle being stronger than Dramamine if you do.

If you onating, Karin at tion. Bring your favorite blanket to sit on Come back out for third Thursday Art Walk 5 to 9: Lowdown on the jam session in the downtown: So take some time out to hear some live music and the arts of our own town as well this month, think globally and act locally. All the best, peace out! Eric Benson, cell , The Blue Monday Band features: Show 7 to Call the Dog for reservations: Greg is one of the founders of Tower Of Power.

If you likes his events at the SOS wait to you see. I hope you have enjoyed this spring as much as I have and that you are ready for all the great car shows and outdoor parties that are coming this month.

Starting with a bang is a great band from the Sonora area the Little Fuller band. They are not a blues band, I tell you this because I write the blues column but I am writing about them anyway.

This should tell you how much I dig this band. They are fun, high energy and have killer music, great songs and a couple of the best singers around. They play a lot locally and that is a. There will be music, hayrides, games and activities for the kids, lots of art and last but not least cherries and blueberries that you and your family can pick yourself.

Poorhouse Millionaires will be on stage 1ish on Saturday afternoon. This free event will feature some truly great rockabilly and blues acts from near and far. There will also be a car show, The Luscious Ladies Pin-up Review, arts and crafts and a whole lot more. Last on my list for June, My friend Melissa Ruth is coming back to town and we are going to do some shows together. Her new project is called the Midnight Darlins and the band consists of.

Melissa and her husband Johnny Leal. I hope you all have a great month and I hope to see you out at a show. Stop in today and explore our wide variety of fresh and natural California almond products from seasoned to chocolate or glazed, as well as gourmet almond gift baskets for any occasion!

FIT Dusty Bottoms Trail Runners by Efren Martinez Originally founded in by a group of friends that ran together on the weekends, this is not your ordinary running club. All of their members have a laid back view on running. This would explain why the Dusty Bottoms running club has grown to be one of the most popular running clubs in our area.

After speaking with the President of the club, Jeff Rowe, I quickly learned that stepping out of the norm from any other club is what also makes them so popular. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 40, persons Among the Hispanic population, The census reported that , people There were 36, households, out of which 13, There were 2, 7. The average household size was 2. There were 24, families The age distribution of the population shows 25, people The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were There were 39, housing units at an average density of The homeowner vacancy rate was 2.

As of the census [64] of , there were 99, people, 34, households, and 23, families in the city. The population density was 3, There were 36, housing units at an average density of 1, The racial makeup of the city was Of the 34, households, In the city, the age distribution of the population shows The median age was 33 years. During the day the population shrinks by 6. Armed Forces compared with The average family makes 57, dollars while the average American household makes 55, dollars.

The per capita income is 22, compared with 25, federally. Among Richmond residents, Many industries have been and are still sited in Richmond.

It had a dynamite and gunpowder works the Giant Powder Company , closed in , now the site of Point Pinole Regional Shoreline , the last active whaling station in the country at Point Molate closed in , and one of the world's largest wineries Winehaven , closed by Prohibition in During World War II, Richmond developed rapidly as a heavy industrial town, chiefly devoted to shipbuilding.

Its major activity now is as a seaport , with 26 million tons of goods shipped through Port Richmond in , mostly oil and petroleum products. Chevron USA has a major oil refinery in the city, with a storage capacity of 15 million barrels 2, m 3. The Social Security Administration employs over 1, at its regional office and program service center in Downtown Richmond.

Kaiser Permanente 's Richmond Medical Center hospital in the Downtown Richmond is one of the largest employers in the city. Galaxy Desserts is run and operated in the city. Vetrazzo, an award-winning green business that manufactures Recycled Glass Countertops out of waste glass such as beer bottles and old traffic lights, is located in the refurbished Ford Assembly Plant. Bay View recording studios are located in the city, and have worked with artists such as Smash Mouth.

Photon Films, LLC, a video production and editing studio, is located in Harborfront area along the southeast shoreline. The 23rd Street business district has evolved into a predominantly Latino neighborhood over the last twenty years as have the storefronts. In the Downtown Richmond District the Richmond Shopping Center was built as part of the city's " main street " revitalization efforts. It is anchored by a Foods Co. The Macdonald 80 Shopping Center is a commercial plot along the trunk route of Macdonald Avenue which has been designated the city's main street under the aforementioned program.

Demolition of the former buildings and construction of a new shopping mall were completed in and the center is now anchored by a Target store. A controversial Kohl's department store has been proposed for Point Isabel. See Point Isabel [71]. The former Richmond Shipyards were transformed starting in the late s into a multiunit residential area, Marina Bay. Starting in the early s, the city began an aggressive redevelopment effort spurring exurban tract housing, condominiums, townhomes, a transit village , and terraced hillside subdivisions.

The city also created a redevelopment agency that refurbished Macdonald Avenue , funded the Metro Walk transit village, resurrected the Macdonald 80 Shopping Center , and created the Richmond Greenway rails-to-trails trail and urban farming project. It includes suburban style tract houses with cul-de-sac courts and small yards. Seacliff, at Point Richmond, is a development of luxury waterfront homes built on a terraced hillside. Richmond Transit Village has been constructed in the former west parking lot and an adjacent empty lot of the combined Richmond BART and Amtrak station.

The development is part of the city's downtown revitalization efforts. On September 11, , the seven-member Richmond City Council, in a four-to-three vote, decided to pursue a scheme for using eminent domain to buy out mortgages. However, at least five votes would be needed before any mortgage could actually be bought out. Critics of the plan noted that the company Mortgage Resolution Partners stood to potentially profit: Critics also questioned the inclusion of wealthy neighborhoods such as "the area near the Richmond Country Club".

Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo had sued, claiming the program was unconstitutional. Many casinos have been proposed for the West Contra Costa area. Point Molate would have a casino, resort, and a luxury shopping mall. Sugar Bowl Casino proposes a casino, a steakhouse, and a buffet promoted by the Pomo Tribe's Scotts Valley Band near the border between North Richmond and the city of Richmond's Parchester Village , whose residents have lauded it as a boon to fighting crime by adding more of a police presence and creating jobs for shiftless youth, but residents from neighboring newly developed sub-divisions along the Richmond Country Club were fervently opposed based on potential losses to property values.

The projects have been the subject of much civic debate; supporters contend that the often cash-strapped government would get a major new source of revenue, while opponents air their concerns over the ramifications, including an increase in already high crime rates, lowered property values, and worsening neighborhood quality of life.

Point Molate is currently slated to either become a housing and conference center, a casino resort shopping area, or even a large regional park. In the city approved the environmental review of the plan in which the tribe agreed to contain development of the casino to the footprint of the buildings on the former naval depot site. The Guideville Band of Pomo Indians was given the opportunity of days to create a non-casino plan for the site such as alternatives in the environmental report for a convention center, conference center, hotel, spa, and housing.

Richmond city government operates under a council-manager system with seven members including mayor and vice mayor elected to alternating four-year terms. By the early s, not a single Republican remained on the council.

The city council has four African Americans, four whites and two Latinos. The position of Mayor rotated between members of the Richmond City Council until , when the office became an elected position. Carroll, who was voted by the City Council to become Mayor on July 6, , was described at the time as "the first Negro mayor in California and first in America with the exception of small, scattered all-Negro communities in the Deep South,".

He served from to Rosemary Corbin served as the mayor from to Years of political domination by the local firefighters union subsided after a FBI corruption investigation. In the city implemented a computer program that it had ordered from a German firm that provides the city with statistical interactive maps.

These maps cover such areas as signage locations, streets, crime hot-spots, and zoning information. The prize includes two years of free webmastering. Recently Mayor McLaughlin and Councilperson Butt have opposed Chevron's Renewal Project that would replace their 's era Hydrogen Manufacturing plant with a newer more efficient plant and would increase pollution by using dirtier, thicker, but cheaper crude oil. The city of Richmond has eight community centers which are located within city parks.

In the city elections many candidates ran on platforms promising to reopen these community centers, most of which had been closed due to budget cuts. That election also featured a city sales tax increase, Measure Q, which failed. There are 53 voting precincts in Richmond. During the regular election on November 7, 21, of 37, Richmond has formerly been home to black culture and activist movements, most notably the Black Panther Party.

The city has eight cannabis dispensaries, and although the city has passed legislation approving them and has legalized their presence, city management does not accept their legality. In fact, the city had sued to close them. It is trying to enforce an injunction that would suspend their operating licenses.

Richmond is governed by the Richmond City Council. The Richmond Civic Center is currently undergoing a seismic upgrade and renovations program. Some buildings are being refurbished while other buildings will be replaced. Current mayor Thomas K. Butt was elected Mayor of Richmond in with more than 50 percent of the vote.

Prior to winning the mayoral election, he served on the Richmond City Council for 20 years from to and served as the city's vice-mayor in and It is a male and female county jail. RichmondWorks and Richmond Summer YouthWorks are city programs that aim to decrease unemployment and crime and have led to hundreds receiving employment at area retail businesses. Fires, medical emergencies and other disasters are handled by the Richmond Fire Department which has seven fire stations in the city.

There are also many private schools, mostly Catholic schools under the authority of the Diocese of Oakland. The city has four high schools: There are also three middle schools, 16 elementary schools, and seven elementary-middle schools.

Richmond also hosts three adult education schools. Since an exit exam requirement was implemented for California high schools, the CAHSEE , some Richmond high school students have been protesting against it. Some students sued the district in an attempt to eliminate the requirement. In July , a compromise was reached in which the district would provide two additional years of educational assistance for the purposes of passing the exam.

All Richmond schools have banned junk food, such as candy, soda, Twinkies , pizza, and other similar items in attempt to curb childhood obesity and change children's eating habits. It has been speculated that this was done preemptively, because some believe the state will soon mandate such restrictions.

Beckles chastized the other black members Bates and Boozé for not supporting the measure, as she found that the epidemic most affected people of color like themselves.

The city of Richmond has dozens of parks, national historic parks, and 10 sites listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Point Richmond , a neighborhood in Richmond, is known for its small-town appearance. The Point , as it is known by locals, offers owner-operated stores, coffee shops, historic benches, and streetlights. The Masquers Playhouse is a performing arts center that offers shows and productions year round. Hotel Mac is one of the oldest buildings in the area and has classic early 20th century architecture, like many other buildings in the area.

There is also The Plunge , a natatorium which had been closed due to seismic safety issues but was re-opened in August after the retrofitting was completed.

The city expressed a desire to demolish the building at one point, but this was halted by the actions of a neighborhood preservation campaign which continues its mission to " Save the Plunge! The Ferry Point Tunnel is one of the oldest tunnels in California. Built in , this structure still gives access to many attractions and neighborhoods in Brickyard Cove. The tunnel goes to the Golden State Railroad Museum, the USS Red Oak Victory , and many beaches and parks, and to Ferry Point where an abandoned ferry-rail pier stands with a historic ferry slip still standing, though somewhat damaged by fire.

It can be viewed from an adjacent fishing pier. During World War II the city sprawled and its population increased dramatically.

This led city leaders to construct the Richmond Civic Center in This center houses the city hall, a small convention center, library, hall of justice, police headquarters, and arts center.

The Richmond Public Library, the only public library independent of the Contra Costa County Public Libraries system, lies in the heart of the civic center. It houses over , books, 4, audio materials, 5, video materials, and serial subscriptions. The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge extends 5. The bridge is the origin of the term rollercoaster span , due to its curves, bumps, and appearance, which have also earned the bridge the nickname of The Rollercoaster Bridge.

A visitor can operate trains of various eras, and there are miniature freight and passenger terminals, trestles, tunnels, and meticulously detailed town and city scenes, many of which are copied from real life scenes of the s. The Santa Fe Railroad Terminal operated as the western terminus for the railroad from the late 19th century to the late 20th century.

It has now been transformed into a museum to exemplify the feel of the terminal in that era. It offers picnicking, sunbathing, wading, and swimming. The beach is overlooked by vehicles exiting the Brickyard Cove drive, Ferry Point tunnel and houses on the steep cliffs above. The beach, as with most of the cove, offers spectacular panoramic bay views of the Oakland hills, bridges, the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate.

It was originally a Chinese shrimp camp in the s. Point San Pablo yacht harbor accommodates hundreds of private boats. It is only accessible by private boat. Visitors come and stay for the day and picnic for free or they may pay for a room. The city is also home to a radio controlled model airplane airport, Breuner Airfield that is located in Breuner Marsh a contested piece of land near Point Pinole Regional Park in the Parchester Village neighborhood.

They are linked by the San Francisco Bay Trail. Part of the former shipyard is now a marina. The Richmond Art Center, founded by Hazel Salmi in , is one of the oldest continually operating non-profit art centers on the entire West Coast of the United States.

Its programming includes exhibitions, adult and youth education, and community initiatives. The Center currently as of provides some of the only arts education programming in the Richmond City School District, relying primarily on public donations and private grants as its means of support.

The House Rabbit Society has its national headquarters in Richmond. NIAD is a non-profit organization hosting over sixty client artists weekly. NIAD has a gift shop. The Richmond Art Center is a contemporary visual arts center, with a gallery and art classes in the heart of Richmond. The Center engages youth and young adults in imagining and creating new worlds for themselves and new visions for their communities through the inspiration and discipline of rigorous training in world performance traditions.

The Hyphy subculture and subgenre of rap music originated in Richmond and surrounding cities. From to a " geekfest " was held on the beach in Point Molate every few weeks or monthly by S. The festival was a community service for underyear-olds. There are dozens of gathering places for various religions in the city, and some which are not represented in the city can be found nearby. Bradley in ; Faith Temple C. There is also a large Laotian Buddhist temple that serves as a community center for the Lao community of the East Bay.

There is a synagogue in the Hilltop Green District. The city has The park is a memorial to the six million women who labored on the home front, symbolized by the mythical figure "Rosie the Riveter". Richmond was selected for the park because it has many intact buildings that were constructed for 56 wartime industries. Its four shipyards produced an amazing large ships and set production records. The home front changed Richmond from a predominantly rural community of 23, residents to a diverse population of over , people within a year.

Industries operated around the clock and public housing, schools, day care centers, health care and merchants mobilized to support the new workforce that arrived on the city's doorstep. Fortunately, Richmond's turbulent and productive home front years were well chronicled and photographed. Richmond also has number of local parks and two large regional parks are under the authority of the East Bay Regional Parks District, a consortium of most of the Parks and Recreation lands and facilities of Alameda and Contra Costa County.

The park once housed a dance hall and roller rink and has distinctive stonework throughout, which was the rationale for its placement on the National Register of Historic Places. High school students practice cross-country in the park.

The park has diverse animal and plant life including great horned owls, opossums, king snakes, rubber boas, turkey vultures and many others. The Richmond Greenway is a project costing millions of dollars to transform an old rail line into a walking, jogging, and biking trail.

Pedestrian bridges will be used to cross major avenues such as San Pablo Avenue and 23rd Street. It is currently under construction. Richmond is home to four marinas: In addition, Richmond has the "Richmond Plunge", a municipal natatorium dating back to and which reopened August 14, The pool is located in the Point Richmond neighborhood.

The city has annual Juneteenth and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. There are two African American weekly newspapers, one general interest online publication, and one multimedia news project that cover Richmond exclusively. The Richmond Post and Richmond Globe publish print and online editions.

Richmond Pulse is a youth-led print and online publication which focuses on community health. The Port of Richmond, located in along the city's southern coast beside the Richmond Inner Harbor, handles the third-largest shipping tonnage in California annually, [] a total of 19 million short tons. It ranks number one for ports of the San Francisco Bay for vehicles and liquid bulk. Seven of the terminals are city-owned, in addition to five dry docks, while there are 11 privately owned terminals.

The port is served by a rail network operated by four major rail companies. Amtrak provides intercity passenger rail service from Richmond Station , an intermodal connection shared with the BART system. The station is located downtown and has a transit center with connections to AC Transit and Golden Gate Transit buses as well as taxis. There are two Amtrak lines serving this station. Passengers continuing on to Los Angeles or other points in Southern California may transfer at Bakersfield for connecting Amtrak Thruway bus services.

The second Amtrak line, the Capitol Corridor runs from San Jose to the state capitol, Sacramento , through Richmond, Fairfield, and Davis; some trains continue to the northern Sacramento suburb of Auburn. This route is the third most heavily used Amtrak line in the United States.

BART has one station in the city of Richmond, mentioned above, which serves as the northern terminus of the Richmond-Millbrae and Richmond-Fremont lines. In June , after engaging with the community for feedback with public hearings, AC Transit implemented the West Contra Costa County Service Plan which realigned existing service finds to reroute portions of certain lines, eliminate service to areas with low ridership, and replace service in some areas with service from a different route providing direct service to areas previously requiring tedious transfers.

Furthermore, a great effort was made to provide a better transfer at Richmond Station as well as the Richmond Parkway Transit Center. The changes are covered by Phase I and use no new monies which would be required to completely implement the plan: Phase II will use Regional Measure J funds to expands service providing lines along corridors which are undeserved or not served, and increasing hours and decreasing headways.

These changes have effected the northern neighborhoods of the city and the adjacent communities of El Sobrante and San Pablo the most. Phase I was originally supposed to be implemented in late , but the implementation has been delayed until June Phase II has a target date of mid In addition to service in northern Richmond's Hilltop neighborhood.

Lines running through Richmond are: The partially burnt remnants of the ferry pier can still be seen at Point Richmond. Richmond had commuter ferry service from the Richmond Ferry Terminal to the San Francisco Ferry Building on weekdays and Fisherman's Wharf on weekends in addition to special Giants Ballpark service during the baseball season.

The voyage took approximately 45 minutes one-way. The service began in , but was discontinued in the late s in the economic downturn following the dot-com bust. Ferry ridership plummeted and the service became economically unsustainable, which led Red and White Fleet to discontinue the service. The Richmond ferry terminal is at Ford Point located adjacent to the historic Ford Plant in Marina Bay which is now open as an industrial park and under renovation.

The terminal had its own dedicated AC Transit feeder service from Point Richmond and downtown Richmond with route also now discontinued. The new ferry will take only half an hour to San Francisco and will use the existing terminal and parking facilities at Ford Point in Marina Bay. The city has aggressively developed its portions of the San Francisco Bay Trail and has more than any other city at present. Richmond has many distinct neighborhoods. Richmond, California has three sister cities , as designated by Sister Cities International:.

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