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Pack for success with this female travel packing list. What to pack from backpacks to bras and beauty. Catering for sun, snow, and long-term trips.

Moreover, unless the bra in question is particularly loose, it will leave marks on the skin where it has pressed in. If you have any suspicion that your husband may have removed his bra, simply look him firmly in the eye, and ask him directly whether he has worn it all day as instructed.

A recalcitrant husband may bluster or stammer, but will find it impossible to hide the truth when so confronted. It is imperative that you deal with such disobedience immediately, in order to reinforce the message that how, when and where your husband wears a bra is not something that he should expect to have any control over, being entirely your decision.

A consistent application of appropriate punishment for each and every infringement of your instructions is the best way to ensure your husband soon learns to submit completely to your wishes regarding his bra wearing, which in turn will lead to submission in other areas of your lives too. To reduce the temptation to remove his bra without permission, there are a variety of techniques that can be employed to make it harder to take off a brassière without leaving traces of having done so.

Regrettably, it is virtually impossible to prevent a brassière from being removed if its wearer does not care about damaging or destroying it in the process, and thus these techniques should be regarded as tamper-evident rather than tamper-proof.

Thankfully, the vast majority of brassièred husbands do not resort to such extremes, as they realise that to do so would result in an extremely angry wife! In the unlikely event that your husband does behave in such an outrageous manner, it is imperative that he should be punished particularly severely, such that he learns that, however much he might hate wearing a bra, it is by far the lesser of two evils. He will be unlikely to make the same mistake twice once he has suffered the humiliation of having to spend his hard earned money purchasing a particularly expensive replacement which will serve as his only attire around the house for the following week, for instance.

Generally, however, it is sufficient merely to ensure that your husband will be unable to deny any attempt to remove his brassière without your permission.

If he knows that he cannot take his bra off without you finding out, and moreover, that he will be punished if you do discover that he has removed it, he will have much less of an incentive to disobey your instructions regarding when and where he should wear a brassière. There are a number of techniques by which this may be achieved, ranging in effectiveness and ease of implementation, to which we shall turn to shortly.

Perhaps the most effective way of avoiding this problem, however, is to delay the transition to full-time brassière wear until you are sure that your husband has accepted that he must wear a bra as a fact of life before putting him in a position where he may be tempted to remove it.

A man who goes from never having worn a brassière before to being immediately expected to wear one on a full-time basis will obviously balk more at the idea than a man who has grown used to having to wear a bra around the house. If your train your husband gradually and incrementally, any rebelliousness can be dealt with while his brassière wearing is entirely in your presence, allowing him to progress to full-time bra wear with fewer problems.

By far the simplest method of securing a brassière is to sew it closed. Using a needle, a short length of thread may be used to prevent the hook and eye closure of the brassière from being opened. In order to remove the bra, the thread must be broken. Consequently, if the thread is still intact when your husband returns from work, there are reasonable grounds for assuming that he has remained suitably brassièred throughout the day.

For additional security, the thread may also be sewn through outer garments such as a shirt, making it nigh-on impossible to remove them without breaking it. To prevent a devious husband from unpicking the thread and sewing it back later, the ends should be trimmed short once knotted in place.

Your husband is unlikely to want to show his sewn up brassière to a haberdasher in order to match the colour you have chosen, and should he remove the thread instead, he has but one day to find an exact match or face the consequences. Make sure to keep the spool of thread in a safe place to prevent him pilfering replacement thread, and for additional security, choose a different colour of thread at random each day.

Examining a brassière carefully, it should be readily observed that it is relatively straightforward to unpick the stitching near the eyes on one side and the hooks on the other to allow additional fastenings to be sewn into the bra itself.

However, it is not necessary to go to such lengths if you are not particularly handy with a needle, as one may simply sew the rings to the outside of the bra with a few loops of the same coloured thread used to tie them together. Either way, the time spent adding such rings is soon repaid if your husband's bra must be secured every morning.

Using a similar technique to that outlined above, two short loops of pink ribbon have been sewn into the brassière shown in Figure 5. Once fastened in place, the seal cannot be removed without breaking its plastic loop, and thanks to the unique numbering, it cannot be replaced with a substitute, allowing any attempts at tampering to be easily detected. Some care should be taken to ensure the loops of ribbon used are of an appropriate length, being long enough to allow the seal to be closed without disrupting the normal hook and eye fastening of the bra, yet short enough to hold the seal in place without too much slack.

A choice must also be made as to which set of eyes will be used to fasten the brassière, although it is quite feasible to fit additional loops of ribbon to allow the decision to be made later. If the thought of so much sewing does not appeal, it is not unreasonable to have your husband do it instead, on the grounds that they are his brassières, and would not need securing if he could be trusted to wear them properly.

The psychological impact of using a solid metal padlock to secure a brassière cannot be underestimated. There is something about being trapped inside a bra under lock and key that reinforces beyond anything else the inescapability of your husband's bra discipline.

In truth, using such a padlock is sadly not that much more secure than any of the other methods previously discussed, but the connotations of strength and security that surround a padlock mean that your husband is much less likely to even try to remove it, and much more likely just to resign himself to his brassièred fate.

For additional effect, you may choose to keep the key to the bra nestled in your own cleavage, emphasising the connection between your own breasts and your husband's brassière.

To reinforce the psychological impact of the padlock, it may prove beneficial to develop routines around locking and unlocking your husband. You may, for example, choose to put the padlock in place yourself, but expect your husband to be the one to snap its clasp shut, effectively locking himself into a brassière for the day. Similarly, an elaborate ritual for slowly and deliberately extracting the key from within your own bra, before having your husband stand quite still for the actual unlocking, will strengthen his understanding that you, and you alone, choose when and where he is released.

Extra care should be taken when wearing a bra locked with a padlock in public so as to avoid its prominent bulge from becoming visible. Although we have been looking at ways of securing a bra in your absence, there is no reason why such methods cannot be used around the house as well, in order to emphasise your husband's bra discipline and reinforce the fact that he must not remove his bra without your express permission.

Under your watchful eye, there is less need for absolute security, and thus a more symbolic approach may be taken, as is the case with the cute little silver heart pictured in Figure 5. Such a lock would not be out of place on a girl's secret diary or jewellery box, and as such is ideal for securing the most feminine of garments. For reasons of comfort, the band of a brassière has a certain amount of stretch to it. Although some bras are relatively rigid, many are elastic enough to allow them to be removed without ever having to be unclasped, by sliding them down the chest, stretching them over the hips and dropping them down the legs before stepping out of them as one would a pair of knickers.

With a little effort, it is possible to reverse this procedure, running the risk that your husband may still be able to remove his brassière without you knowing. It is imperative that he must not be able to act in such a manner. One approach to this problem is simply to choose bras that are sufficiently tight to prevent your husband from removing them in this way, but prolonged wearing of an excessively tight brassière is not only unpleasantly uncomfortable, but may also result in unwelcome medical conditions such as trapped nerves.

It was the first Victoria's Secret franchise store in Europe, [91] and it opened just a day before the first British store in London. Prior to the emergence of e-commerce, the Victoria's Secret's catalogs provided both an informative and exciting experience in the comfort of the consumer's home. The catalog under Raymond's leadership took the form of an upmarket version of Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie catalog being more sensuous than the catalog published under the future leadership of The Limited.

The New York Times reported that the financial success of Victoria's Secret catalogs influenced other catalogs, which changed to present lingerie as "romantic and sensual but tasteful" "in which models are photographed in ladylike poses against elegant backgrounds. This led to Victoria's Secret dominating the catalog field for "lingerie and sexy nightwear.

Victoria's Secret accepted catalog orders via telephone 24 hours a day. Victoria's Secret's catalog offers a more diverse range of merchandise. The Los Angeles Times described the catalog in as having achieved "an almost cult-like following. In Victoria's Secret began building its e-commerce website which the company launched after three years of development at 6 p. December 4, , using the domain VictoriasSecret.

It was reported that the three year development was a result of the company's concern of rolling out a half-baked website that could "discourage return visits". Viewers who logged onto the Victoria's Secret's website to view the company's first webcast of their fashion show on February 3, , were unable to view the webcast due to the Internet infrastructure Victoria Secret's selected was unable to meet user demand causing some users to be unable to view the webcast. The Limited, Inc in created Intimate Beauty Corporation with a mandate to establish a group of beauty businesses with Victoria's Secret Beauty being the first company in the firm's portfolio.

Victoria's Secret was originally owned by "The Limited". In Victoria's Secret recorded net sales of about 7. In , Howard Gross was promoted to president from vice president. Nichols previously had been "executive vice president and general merchandise manager of Limited's lingerie division. In , Cynthia A. After two years of pressure from environmentalist groups, Victoria's Secret's parent firm and a conservation group reached an agreement to make the lingerie retailer's catalog more environmentally friendly in The catalogs will also be made of 10 percent recycled paper.

The company has bought organic and fair trade -grown cotton to make some of its panties. On March 4, , the U. Supreme Court ruled against Victoria's Secret in Moseley v. V Secret Catalogue, Inc. One-tenth of all Victoria's Secret bras are sourced via Intimate Fashions , a manufacturer with factories in the South Indian city of Guduvanchery. As a by-result of the Jordan—United States Free Trade Agreement , which retreated from standards established in the s, working conditions in Jordan have been compared to slave labour.

Prior to the sale, the company's business name was Victoria's Secret, Inc. Throughout the s, Victoria's Secret has turned down celebrity models and endorsements. The company created a campaign to market its "Body" bra line called "The Perfect Body. In , Victoria's Secret began holding their annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is broadcast on primetime American television.

The webcast served to create a database for Victoria's Secret of over , current and potential customers by requiring users to submit their contact details to view the webcast. Seymour, Mulder, Pestova, Banks, Casta, and new brazilian model Millena Gomes were all featured in both of Victoria's Secret webcast and took part in the promotion as the brand's contract models. The Angels have been heavily featured on the brand's social media, including on a short-lived Facebook application in highlighting the Angels then including Lima, Swanepoel, Ellingson, Aldridge, and Karlie Kloss as well as Lais Ribeiro , Toni Garrn , and Barbara Palvin.

Ellingson, Kroes, and Kloss all departed soon after the fashion show, leaving the brand with only 5 Angels. Soon after, in the brand's biggest group hiring ever, all but Smalls were revealed as Angels, along with longtime catalog regulars Lais Ribeiro and Sara Sampaio as well as Kate Grigorieva , Taylor Hill , and Romee Strijd.

Other notable spokesmodels for the brand have included: Girls as young as 10 years old start dieting because they are struggling with their weight and body perception. This will continue throughout their life span. Victoria's Secret sends a message to these adolescent girls and women that their models are the standard of beauty. The models are shown on TV commercials, ads, and magazines meaning it is seen on an everyday basis. Girls are comparing themselves with these high unrealistic standards that is captivated by the media.

Women in these ads are highly objectified, idealized, and sexualized. If women feel they have to live up to this sociocultural norm standard, it is only telling men that it is okay to objectify and sexualize women. The article concludes by stating: In , Victoria's Secret was sued several times.

The lawsuits alleged that defective underwear contained formaldehyde that caused severe rashes on women who wore them. Six cases were filed in Ohio and two in Florida. At least 17 other suits were filed in six other states after January In , a Victoria's Secret supplier was investigated for use of child labor in harvesting cotton used to make its products.

Also in , Victoria's Secret was sued by Zephyrs, "accused of breaching a agreement and selling cheap 'knockoffs' of the company's stockings. The company drew criticism for a newly released lingerie collection titled "Go East" whose tagline pledged to women the capacity to "indulge in touches of eastern delight with lingerie inspired by the exquisite beauty of secret Japanese gardens.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the collection was "accessorized with a miniature fan and a kimono-esque obi sash. Victoria's Secret removed the Asian-themed collection "that traded in sexualized , generic pan-Asian ethnic stereotypes.

The petition also demanded a change in the wording on Victoria's Secret advertisements for their bra range Body, to something that does not promote unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty," asking the company to not use such harmful marketing in the future.

Petitioners created the hashtag " iamperfect", which trended on Twitter for body shaming women. The petition had over 30, signatures. At the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the brand was accused of "cultural appropriation" during the segment "The Road Ahead" that drew inspiration from Chinese culture. The reason behind Victoria's Secret including this segment to the fashion show is because of their recent expansion into the Chinese market.

They thought it would be a good way to appeal to the new Chinese customer. No apology or statement was released from the brand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American retailer of lingerie. This article is about an American retailer. For other uses, see Victoria's Secret disambiguation. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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